Bets on the exact score in tennis bets are very popular among bettors. And there are enough reasons for this: starting with high odds, ending with a good passability of bets. With the right approach, betting Parimatch on the score 2-0 in sets is quite justified. Today we’ll find out when to bet on the exact score, as well as how to select matches for such bets, what to pay attention to, what features and pitfalls lie in such a game strategy.

When to bet on the exact score 2-0?

The first and main criterion that should be used for the selection of tennis matches is the clear favorite and the underdog. The odds on a net victory of the favorite should not exceed 1.50. Otherwise, the risks increase tenfold. For example, a player finds an excellent match and, after analysis, believes that the favorite is a sure winner. But, if the odds on winning such a tennis player are small, it is reasonable to add some risk and increase the risk/profit ratio. Quotes on the exact score 2:0 should also not exceed the value of 2.50. This is the maximum limit. By the way, the “Over 1 (-1.5)” market is the same as the exact score by sets 2-0 in favor of the first player. The odds for these markets are the same. Below is an example of the legal betting line of Parimatch.


How to choose matches for such a bet?

The “corridor” of odds has been solved. Now let’s talk about additional criteria for the match. Let’s assume that the player has selected 5-10 suitable matches. He still has a lot of work to do. It is necessary to analyze the opponents and choose the most “passable” variants. It is advised to take for tennis bets only popular competitions and tournaments, as you can find a lot of information on famous athletes. From the usual analytics to videos of different aspects of the game.

  • The favorite on which you decide to bet should statistically have a good result in terms of victories won in the dry. Analyze the athlete’s recent matches and check how successful he has been over a certain period. It is great if the tennis player has a series of bright wins. Especially if all the matches ended 2-0 in his favor.
  • Pay attention to the coverage of the court. It is worth to read about the athlete and determine the coverage on which he shows the best game. This is a very important aspect for predicting such outcomes.
  • Motivation. It is not unreasonable to read a few extreme interviews of the athlete and look at his morale. Also determine how important it is for the tennis player to win the upcoming match.
  • General physical condition and rest. If the last two or three matches were too tense for the favorite, it is worth abandoning the bet on a dry score. General fatigue and overwork are possible, which will affect the outcome of the meeting.

Strengths of the game strategy of betting on the score 2-0 in sets

As a rule, a tennis player who outclasses his opponent is interested in a quick victory. On such an outcome a minimum of effort and energy will be spent. The athletes’ schedule is very intense and the schedule of matches is exhausting at times. That’s why the tennis player will try to defeat a weak opponent as soon as possible and save energy for future battles.

Another positive aspect of tennis betting and a dry score is the minimum number of aspects to analyze. Unlike soccer or hockey, tennis looks more predictable for the bettor. The reason is that it is not a team sport and there are not many variables and unpredictable moments. For example, it is not necessary to consider injuries or illnesses of 11 players. It is only necessary to fully analyze one athlete and his opponent.

An example of a 2-0 bet in tennis

Let’s assume that the player chose to bet on the match Nikoloz Basilashvili against Rafael Nadal. The meeting should take place on a clay surface, and this, as we know, is the Spaniard’s element. The odds for the victory of the “king” are very low, which means that it will be advisable to choose the exact score in his favor. The odds for such an option range from 1.50 to 1.62. The size of the bet is 5-10 percent of the entire game bank. For example, $1,000. As a result, Nadal easily outplayed his opponent and destroyed him with a score of 6-3; 7-5. This is a perfect example of tennis betting Parimatch on a dry score. The client of the betting company Parimatch makes a profit of $500 on a level playing field.


With the right selection of tennis matches, the bettor will come up with a stable and successful playing strategy. And if he does not neglect the basic rules of game bank management, his success is quite logical. Using the criteria that are described above, the bettor should reject unnecessary options and choose the most “passable” and predictable. There is no need to chase high quotes or include such outcomes in expresses. This will lead to tangible losses and to losing the game bank in the end. Also, a player should compare quotations in different bookmakers’ offices and choose the highest odds. This will give an advantage in the long run.